Ash Wednesday Service 6:30pm 02/14/2018

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January 12, 2018
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Ash Wednesday Service 6:30pm 02/14/2018


Everyone is invited to the Ash Wednesday Service at Wilshire UMNAF on Feb. 14th (tomorrow) at 6:30 PM. Pastor Buck and family have returned from Oklahoma after attending his Mother’s Funeral Service. Pastor Buck will be having his hair cut by an Elder as an expression of mourning and honoring his Mother, Terry Buck. Please come if you can.

The first day of Lent. It marks the beginning of a period of reflection and penance. In the Bible, sprinkling oneself with ashes was traditionally a sign of one’s sorrow for having committed sins. In the Christian tradition, Ash Wednesday also marked the beginning of preparation for the understanding of the death and resurrection of Christ. The particular symbolism of ashes for this day comes from a practice in the Roman Catholic churches in which the ashes from the palms used in the preceding year’s Palm Sunday celebration are blessed. With these ashes, the priest on the first day of Lent marks a cross on the forehead of each worshiper. This practice has become a part of Ash Wednesday services in many United Methodist churches.


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